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Gigs Deranked suddenly

Hi, my gigs deranked suddenly. I got level one seller badge 15 may but it doesn’t improved my gigs ranking. I am still getting orders but these are from my previous clients. How can i rank my gigs again. My 3 gigs were ranking on first page but now they are all in last page even the last gigs in every category.


I am not getting orders after Fiverr bug.still getting order from old clients. maybe Fiverr issue.



I see you are a newish seller. Fiverr gives a boost to new sellers by giving them exposure on the first few search pages.

Now that you are no longer a new seller, Fiverr will no longer give you a boost. Your gigs and profile will need to stand on its own. While no one knows Fiverr’s algorithm for search page ranking, it is important to keep your stats as close to 100% as possible and give 5-star quality work and customer service.

I have seen many new buyers even after the Fiverr :bug:.


same happening with me

Don’t worry too much.

I’ve been selling on Fiverr for 7 years.

You will experience highs and lows like this.

It’s nothing you’ve done. There’s nothing you can do.

But in my experience your gigs will rank again soon.


First of all, there is no such thing as rank in the search results. That’s not how rotational algorithms work. Second, being promoted to a higher seller level has not, does not, and will not guarantee more sales. You still have to work the same for every order. Orders must be EARNED through good business, strong marketing, and creative presentation. If you’re not going to DO these things, you’re not likely to earn sales.

There are no sales guarantees – at any level – here on Fiverr. That’s not how Fiverr works.


Thanks for your guidance

Thanks for encouraging

Thank you for detailed answer

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I needed to hear this man. Thank you a lot for the word of encouragement. Same thing happening with me after a very good high moment.

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i am a newseller and i’ve strictly been following TOS . Then why my gig sent to last page from first?

Because it would be unfair for anyone to exclusively be on the first page. Everyone gets their turn, and at some point everyone has to be on the last page as well.

No offense but here’s where you are wrong. There’s a thing rank that’s why fiver is also promoting the gigs. Rank matters along with the relative keywords. If there’s no such thing as rank so why are the gigs rotating? They should be static.

i have faced the same issue but had some reasons. First was that i was demoted from level 1 to No Seller because my ON TIME DELIVERY fall to 83%. 2nd reason was that i received back to back 2 warnings.
Now my question from @english_voice is that my gigs are deranked so should i change the search tags, description etc or just wait and wait to get back to First page. I was ranking on first page 2 months ago.

My gig’s impression and click getting rise but I’ve no order. what should I do for my first order? watch my profile and my gig, how I find impression and click.