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Gigs deranked without any updation

My this gig were ranked on “digital marketing services” Keyword at the first position till 7th feb 2020 morning… Now it’s ranked down and not on even on first page.

I didnt updated anything and now i am very worried. What happend to my gig. Why it’s gone down? When how it will appears on first pos as before.

My this gig were ranked on “social media virtual assistant” Keyword at the frist position till 2nd feb 2020 and i updated description and tags becuase description was not in proper english.

I have good reviews and orders.

I need to recover it now. What’s the problem? How i can recover my ranking again.

Pics Attached. Now i m doing Social sharing to get good response but still here. Previously i was getting orders organically.


First of all , you don’t have any proof it works, Follow and unfollow is most common thing what everybody is doing. So people think you do the same. You have to get analytics to be attached in to gig, so people can trust you, its worth to order it.

Here you can see

Its gig performance, not actuall service social media proof of performance.

Then what should i show you?

You said you didn’t update anything but the red dots on your gig performance graphic says otherwise.

Add evidence your service works, add there stats analytics of them working. Not a performance of your gigs lol. :smiley:
Show me records before your seo and after your seo on your gigs.
You got 6 orders in line up, so why u cry about it ?
Its already good results.

Red dots is just a day bars, if it would be filled red then it would be updates, please learn more before you judge people.

you better learn to read before tell someone else to do so before talking!

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Look on charts :wink:

You should look at the charts better, can’t you see the red dots on his screenshots!

First one yes, but she attached the second one. There is no updates

Is there any part of your profile fake?

I keep noticing the same pattern these past few months: people with fake names, profile pics, credentials etc enjoy a few sales starting out and then Fiverr somehow figures it out and drops their gigs.

I got these orders from my previous clients and with social sharing

No. Not fake. It’s a real profile

So it’s you in the profile picture and your name is the same as an actress’s?

Yea, Actress have to earn also :-1: :smiley: