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Gig's description

when I try to add a description to my gig, Fiverr only allows my to write 4 lines, when I write about 8 lines and saves my gig … it reduced to 4 lines … why it this ?

Are you using the Chrome browser? If not, you could try that (it might not be fully compatible with all browsers).

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yes i’m using google chrome browser .

It should work then. I don’t know why it’s doing that. You could try deleting cookies/reloading the page/logging out and in again. Maybe making sure necessary scripts can run. I assume you’re just entering plain text (no special characters) - if not try entering just plain text. If after doing things like that you can’t get it to work properly you could contact support through the help desk.

ok i will try it . i just added some symbols to my text … like arrows , check marks and so ,i don’t think it affect my text.

Okay. Just try it without the special characters just in case. Some of them might confuse it .

Also remember there’s a help page that lists the URLs allowed. Don’t link to websites not in the list unless you have permission from Fiverr.


i’ve deleted the symbols and it solved the problem. thank you so much .