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GIGS disappear from search big problem these days for sellers

Ok just want to share or want to know why this is? every time I got ranked in search results gig will disappear suddenly after one or 2 days.its is normal when gigs down from the 1st page but what is this? gigs got to hide a total profile will freeze. only you can see when you used filters. what kind of algorithm is this? not fair to the users.i and my 5 friends already facing this issue we try everything to appear in search results but the gig has stuck no movement…recently one of my friend got ranked on 1st page he got 1000 thousand dollars order in one day he was giving 100% high-quality service after 2 days same problem gig is disappeared from the search…and after 3 days my gig is disappeared totally is this fiverr doing to only Pakistani sellers or anyone facing the same issue from the other countries please let me know thank you so much.last thing if this is regular on fiverr now we should move to something else


This is a regular situation, I have seen this more than once (like some of my friends). This does not apply to individual countries. CS cannot do anything for inquiries on this matter and answer that your gigs are active and can be found, although where and how - no idea. Now I have such a problem, I sit and wait for the site / system to work again.

Yeah. With the new algorithm you have to use the promoted gigs feature and pay to stay on first page.

So if you previously have been on first page because of your high quality service, your service quality is now irrelevant. Just have to meet the ridiculously bare minimum requirements, and first page is yours until you stop paying for it.

But what I don’t understand is why the algorithm is also applied to categories where promoted gigs will not be available. There’s no point in showing 0 review gigs on first page when sorting by both best selling and recommended gigs. :-1:

same problem since yesterday.

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