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Gigs disappeared from general search

All my gigs in a particular niche suddenly disappeared from the general search ‘Recommended’. They can only be found when the search is narrowed down to level based, and even at that, they appear at the last page. This has never happened before, and i feel something is wrong. I complained to support and they keep saying that the gig is visible. Please who has encountered this before. I need a way out because support couldn’t help

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Fiverr’s algorithm is weird. nobody knows it, so nobody can really solve this for sure.

This has never happened to me before. no matter how poorly i have performed, of which i haven’t performed so poorly. My gig has never disappeared from search. I painstakingly searched through each page and couldn’t see my gig. page by page, to 150 pages, and i have 4 gigs in that niche