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Gigs disappeared from search


Greetings, Yesterday I got 15 plus orders on my gig and 2000 impressions and today there is no order and surprisingly zero impression.
Then I checked my gig in all search it is not showing it is not even in recommended nor in best selling.
Did anyone face this issue?


try in incognito mode- and it take a few hours to appear when you edit your gig


I searched again for 5 hours and shocked to see that my all gigs are in the last of every search even when I search with my whole gig title they are in last and even my competitor’s gigs are on top?

Somebody have info about it?Because Cs said that gigs are ok but nothing is ok from last 4 days.
This is not a normal thing I am on this platform from last 3 years and I know gig shuffles but this really shocking.


am also currently facing the same issue to any solution to yours