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Gigs down first page to last now how to recover?

Hi Mates! i am level one seller! since last 3 months i am getting orders but from last week my All gigs drop from top line to last pages ! Let me know how to recover ? should i delete All or hold on wait for recovery ?

You have an overall rating of 4.9 of 32 reviews over 10 gigs. Why in the world would you want to start over? Find other ways to promote your products, serve your customers’ needs, deliver on time every time and build your business back to a higher ranking.


you have’nt got my point! since last 3 months my 2 gigs on top of keyword! but suddenly droped to the 133 page, so shocked me what happened why droped to quickly

Like @rayfield1 says, I think that you have to promote better your gig… maybe make to your custumers to reviews positively it… Let’s try :grimacing:

Perhaps you’re right and I have no idea what your point is.

Nevertheless, in your original post you asked how you can recover and whether or not you should delete your gigs and start over. Both of those questions were addressed. Good luck.