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Gigs dried up after fast start, please critique my gig!

Hey everyone,

When I first joined Fiverr two weeks ago I received 5 jobs rather quickly (within 3 days). I completed them well (all 5 star reviews) and thought they went well. Since those first 5 jobs my gigs have completely dried up and I haven’t been getting any more.

If you have time, I would really appreciate it if you could take a look at my gigs and let me know if there is anything I am doing wrong. Or, if there is any part of my gig that needs to be changed.

From my point of view, I tried changing the price, playing around with key words, and increasing how many words I can deliver in one day, but none of these have helped. I also try to send buyer requests whenever I can.

I look forward to hearing any feedback about my gigs and/or profile!

Thank You,

First of all, you have a nice soothing and pleasant voice. :slight_smile:
(you should hear mine, it’s…well, ahem forget it…)

I personally think there is nothing wrong with your gig.
You have a video, your gig description is nice, and for someone who
just joined last month, you are doing great in my opinion.
Some people take months to get their first order.

I don’t think there is much you can do at this point ( your gig looks fine to me, but
since I am not an expert in the VO field I might be wrong), so keep sending buyer’s
requests, if you have any SNS followers try promoting your gigs, hey, Christmas is
coming so maybe you can a Christmas audio book?

We all have dry up periods, and your last delivery was 5 days ago.
That ain’t bad at all!
(not sure if this will make you feel better, but my longest dry-up period was 2 weeks
of absolutely nothing!)

Good luck and happy gigging :slight_smile:

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Hello, Thank you so much for your kind words!

I really appreciate that you took the time to review my profile, thanks! You are right, it hasn’t been that long since I have been on, I was just worried if there was a glaring mistake in my gig that I missed since i’m new to this format ^^! But you are right, I think I just need some more time on the site.

Thats a great point about sns, I haven’t shared my gigs anywhere other than fiverr! And your Christmas audiobook idea is great! I will definitely create something Christmas themed.

Thank you again for your time :slight_smile:

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“audiostories,” thank you for the topic. “zeus777,” thank you for the advice. Helps many of us.

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Woopsie, please be sure to go out and promote your gigs, let people know about it!
If any of your friends see it, they might have a little brother/sister/cousin who would enjoy
a nice Christmas audio.
Personally I think “Twas the Night Before Christmas” in your voice with some Christmas music in the back would be nice :smile:

(I on the other hand remember listening to Perry Como’s version when I was a kid…)

Hi, brother, your gig description and title seems pretty good as well as your voice. I am a whiteboard animator, i am using most of the fiverr voiceover artists for my videos, your voice is good, but the sample voiceover you have provided should be little more energetic plus add some background music. First impression is the best impression. If you are an American vo artist i will definitely use your service. Your 500 word count is pretty impressive, once you became level 2 only, reduce your word count…

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How i can find your gig i try to see it but i don t know where is it ?

Hey man, thank you for your time and reply. Thats a good point, more energy would definitely draw more people in, music as well.
Yes having a high word count at first is my strategy to get initial sales, but as you said, I will lower it as my seller level increases.
I am actually a Canadian voice artist, but I did live in USA for some time.

Thanks again for you response graphicempire!

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Hello ibmed1, I have now attached my gig link to my forum profile. Sorry about that!

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