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Gigs dropping from the listing

Everyone must have noticed that the search algorithm have changed lately, not knowing what to do my gigs went from the first row in the first page to the last rows in the last page, I’m not leveled but I’ve been on the platform since long ago, with almost 40 to 50 orders per month these 2 weeks I almost had no orders from new buyers, but old ones…in my point of view, sellers than doesn’t work hard on their gigs to be ranked first should do so to earn the spot on the ranking, cause after all we get what we deserve, does anyone know how to rank the gigs where they were…I’ve tried to update them 2 days ago after noticing that my impressions and everything went catastrophly down, I updated it yesterday and it seems that I got a bit more views clicks in the past day, Is the new search algorithm going to change back to how it was or is it going to remain like that?


No one knows this for sure. Only fiverr development team knows. If you have had late deliveries or lower response rate, that might be the reason why the placement of your gigs changed.

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my in-time delivery rate was pretty bad lately (61%) since I faced a medical condition and couldn’t be conscious to turn my profile off, the response rate is at 100%, and order completion at 97% with 2 cancelled orders 54 days ago. I’ve had lower in time deliveries and lower order completion the past months and I used to be placed at the top with a huge amount of sales.

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Well, I hope you are now feeling well. Your delivery rate is what has caused this. 61% is very low. Work hard and it will increase as you continue delivering on time.

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Thank you so much, I will consider that!

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You are always welcome :joy::joy::joy:

Lately like this month I changed my profile description and “tell us about you” could that affect my gigs too or their positions ?

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No. That can never affect.

I’m facing the same issue. All my gigs went down to research results suddenly, whereas they were ranked 1st page. My stats are and were always green 100% 97% 96% 5.0

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and me who thought this was a matter of cancelled orders or rates…seems everyone’s suffering but fear not, I’m sure they’ll fix it, they always do.

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Facing the same issue from last 15 days. Usually these were the days when we were overbooked. Did any one get any response from the support?

our impression dropped , basically everything dropped . Yes we are new , it’s been just 5 months , but we’ve been having constant increasing in impressions clicks views and so on in the last month , till the end of january , since then we faced a drop , no more views , no more messages , guys anyone can help us ?

We’re also facing the dropping in orders recently. It may be the market or holiday season issue. But, our regular clients are coming back again and again due to the satisfaction in service we provide.

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Same drop here , but no worries , if your clients keep coming back it means your service is great , so keep up the great job and they will be back up , markets have ups and downs you know .

I have been working from last 2 years never faced this issue. Its like almost dead. Not getting any messages even.

What about if one can’t find its gig on Fiverr at all?

I am not talking about a gig position or its rank rather its overall appearance.

What if a gig cannot be found at all?

Well the gigs are still showing but the glitch is that all the new gigs are on top and the old and most sold gigs are on last page(s)

That is placement of gigs, however, they are all showing.

My bestseller has disappeared from Fiverr completely. I contacted CS and received mixed replies. Waiting to see how it will turn out.

Guys try to work on your in time delivery, order completion and so on…it might be the cause of this…

How Fiverr really works ? Is there any specific idea and What about the impression increment ?