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Ordered some banners and noticed they are being displayed now in the gigs example section of the seller.
Don’t mind the banner but we can’t just allow the logos to be there and there’s no way to remove it.
Please advise.


You’ll need to ask CS to remove it for you:

When you accept delivery, there’s a little box for you to tick to say that you’re giving permission for your work to be used in the seller’s portfolio. If you don’t want it to be shown just leave the box unticked. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok so I usually see this but my last delivery I didn’t see the uncheck option?? Is this a bug or have things changed with the portfolio options?


You only see the check box when you’re a buyer and you’re accepting a delivery.

Sellers have the option of turning the portfolio on/off for individual deliveries. :slightly_smiling_face:


Right which what I normally see on my end however today I went to deliver and didn’t see the box…so now it will be in my portfolio without my client’s permission…I’m wondering if this is a bug?


The buyer has to give their permission by clicking the checkbox.

Sellers don’t have a checkbox for individual deliveries - as far as I’m aware just the on/off switch for the portfolio on the gig page.