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Gig's Extra purchase doesn't show in revenue

I had a customer bought my regular gig. Because he liked what I had done with his request, he purchased the gig’s extra just to give me a tip. So, he didn’t purchase the extra at the same time when he purchase the main gig.

But in my revenue list, there is only $4 for the gig itself, and $4 for the extra is missing.

The sum in my monthly earning is accordance to my revenue list, so $4 is really missing.

I’m not dwelling on my $4, but I’m just pointing that there’s a bug in Fiverr system that need to be address immediately.

From reading other peoples messages and from my personal experience, it is a bug in the “analytics” of it, but when it comes to the actual earnings, you do get credited eventually when it clears. It’s a good idea to keep records of all sales whether big or small though just in case it may have very well glitched in the system. Does it show the extra in the actual order you have? If so and you’re still in doubt you can take a screenshot of that and send it to Customer Service for them to look at to correct any potential issue. Best of luck!

Reply to @freelancemm: So the best thing to do is contact the customer service to correct the issue…, but that won’t solve the problem and prevent the same thing to happen again … to me, you and the rest of the sellers :frowning:

@abuyervant It’s by no means a perfect system, but I have been here almost over three years with very little issues. I can see it being an issue for major high volume sales but in general, it’s always good in any business to keep track of your earnings. Tracking them accurately is always a good idea. With all the bugs and kinks in the system, it’s still a far better deal to work with Fiverr due to other places charging you just for listing and others that charge monthly or yearly fees. If you went on your own to try to find orders you would be paying for hosting, marketing, and more. Just my input. It’s a risk, but the risk from my experience has been very minimal. A few times I could have swore I made a bit more, but in the end it always ends up seemingly 100% accurate.