Gigs failed to pass review


I have posted gigs many times, but all the time my gigs failed to pass the review.
I didn’t offer any academic writing in my gig. I just offer assistance in doing assignments, still, my gigs failed to pass the review. I don’t know what should I do.
Plzzz help me out. I am worried and don’t know what to do.

Thank you.


What DID you offer to sell? Did you use the word essay?


Thats exactly what academic writing means. That is unethical and against TOR of fiverr


If you keep making a gig that has been refused you are risking your account.


You should try something like “I will help you with assignments” or something else by playing with words. In case, you still face the same problem then you should seek to Fiverr support team.


I would imagine the word “assignment” is the problem!


I will recommend you to make gig related to the subject rather making it academic writing related


Yes, I used the word essay but not in all gigs.


I tried all but all is waste.
I don’t use words like assignment.
I write like "I will assist in research and essay."
I write "I will do proofreading and editing."
Will remove plagiarism from your documents.
Will assist in business, marketing and management.
will assist in writing research paper.
Will assist in writing a comprehensive English Essay.

But nothing works.


I tried all as I mentioned in my other reply.
Still upset what to do.


Suggest you type “academic gig denied” in the search bar above and you will find many posts similar to yours and I refer you again to my previous posts.


I know that essay and documents are both common flag words. You really have to avoid anything that even suggests you might do a paper for someone. You can advertise writing ebooks or articles, but not much else. I know other people do it, but if they sound even vaguely like they might do an essay, paper, etc. they will be in the same trouble later.


Is this is a new account?. If its new close this account and write new gig and refrain essay, plagiarism, research paper. Use Article word instead essay, use Research work in title of gig and mention subjects in description and tags instead of using will assist writing research paper. Avoid anything which even sounds academic writing.


If you need further help you can contact me.


You are a level 2 seller and your recent delivery was 16 hours ago. You have 9 gigs so suggest you concentrate on those and don’t put your account at risk by keeping making a gig that has been refused.
Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Try to use similar word, but I recently heard that Fiverr is have some restriciton on assignments, contact CS and ask for that.