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Gigs getting denied from right to left suddenly

Hi all,

This would fit customer support better, but they have 1-2 week queues already, so I’d like to ask the wise people here on the forum if these gigs are either spam, misleading or illegal in your opinion. If so, how?

This happened about a week ago. An ebook gig that description says it will teach free ways to get unlimited (traffic supply will never end) traffic for a website. The ebook does just that. It’s not related to spamming, on the contrary. Has no advertisements in it either and only non-relevant links lead to fiverr.

Another gig got denied a moment ago that will convert a single short keyword into multiple less competitive keywords that will be easier to rank according to the description. And it does just that, tested and proved everytime an order was delivered.

Both of these gigs have been alive for many months and all have nothing but happy customers. I feel like I’m being watched D: Let’s see if a third one goes down. And a fourth!

It sounds like Fiverr is deleting gigs that sell traffic. We know they are deleting gigs that sell social media followers and likes, perhaps they are cutting down on anything that sells information, or systems that seek to manipulate traffic or search results.

You will likely find better clarification on these gig deletions if you contact Customer Service directly instead of posting here on the forums.