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Gigs getting paused constantly?


Hi there, I can’t seem to find a definitive answer to this so here goes: I got an email from someone who looked me up elsewhere (as I’m on the radio and do VO work) and told me my gigs had been paused here. This happens regularly and would explain why I haven’t gotten any gigs on Fiverr for a year or more now… Is there some reason why Fiverr will put gigs on pause without prompting from me? Is there a way to avoid this? It’s like renting a downtown shop to find the landlord randomly locks you out of your shop…


Are you active daily on Fiverr?


Apparently fiverr now pauses the gigs of people who are not checking in regularly, or after a certain time period.


When I was demoted to level 0, Fiverr paused my 2nd most popular gig. with 10K impressions over 30 days. I was really surprised. Since I know I’m only allowed to have 7 gigs, I paused some gigs and activated others.

I’m also noticing that on Buyers Request, I’m only seeing two requests. Is that what happens when you’re level 0? You’re not allowed to bid on most requests?

I go to categories like Business Names & Slogans and find “No requests found.”


I don’t know how it works.


When you get to Level 0 competition for Buyer Requests is tough.:roll_eyes:

Fiverr allows ten offers from each level to be made to each Buyer Request. Since Level 0 sellers depend mainly on Buyer Requests for jobs, there are more of them checking to look for work. :zipper_mouth_face:

When I was a Level 0, many times I would be in the middle of writing out my offer and the request would disappear. :scream:

I think the answer may be to check more often.


Yeah. You will barely see any requests. 0 level sellers doesn’t see many requests.
It comes and go within minutes… So what I advise you to visit the buyer request page frequently and when you see the request, send offers to as many as possible without refreshing the page.


Thanks you and @vickiespencer for the advice. Most of my orders don’t come from BR, but I like checking it on occasion. I didn’t know level 0’s didn’t enjoy equal access to BR, but I guess Fiverr needs a way to entice sellers into becoming level 1’s.


They have equal access as each level gets to submit 10 offers. It is just that there are a lot more level 0’s that go there to get work. Therefore, more competiton.


This is what I’m seeing. When I was level 1, 2, TRS, I always saw plenty of requests, new, old, etc. Now there’s nothing.


It is good you don’t depend on BR then.