Gigs getting zero views?


Why isn’t my gigs getting views? I’ve had zero views?!?!!


Nope, got none since I created it a while back…


Nope, got none since I created it a while back…


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Where do you look to see how many views you’ve had?


Pls, since I joined this site, I created at least hot 18 gigs and since then people do not buy from me at all, may вє because of my gigs are ησт active

This ιѕ what ιт shows me

Active - 0 Suspended - 0. Preview - 0

Pls do something quicly I am dying

Then I understand that suspended, that means fiverr suspended my gigs due тσ some issue

Now I want you to explain what PREVIEW ιѕ for me

Thanks for your concern


Reply to @autumnhall: Go up top into Seller—>My Gigs then scroll down and under each gig is “Show Stats”.


All I know is that the last few days have been VERY slow for me for the first time since joining fiverr!


yeah same happes to me i became level 2 seller and now i created gig but it have 0 views wait 3 days no results… this is new to fiverr


Reply to @crcanny: Thank you very much! :slight_smile:


Me too, I just created a gig a day ago and got a few orders, and it still has 0 view. It’s confusing. :expressionless:


I noticed too for a while now that views aren’t working properly.


Reply to @bafana: Me too. My gig already gets 41 order but the only receive 27 view. What the heck…


Thanx @autumnhall for asking the question and thanx @ crcanny for giving info… i was not aware that we can see how many views our gig had. Fantastic but my view to sell rate is 3.66% what is yours?


check your keywords, its bedrock of such problems.


The view counter is currently not working properly. I’m assuming the Fiverr admin is working on it.


View counter is not working properly: I continue to receive messages and orders from “new” buyers but my counter is the same from some day…