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Gigs have disappeared

I have been a Fiverr seller for years and now my gigs are nowhere to be found in the search. They were ranking on the first page with very main keywords. I have faced some decrease in the ranking but this time I have no clue why this is happening. I’ve searched from other devices as well but of no use, can’t find my gigs at all.


Hallo SadiaShahid
its happens , because no one gig is static in positions. every time gig is shuffle but Category , order , cancellation , response rate and many other issue.
You can Contact with CS ( customer Support ) they will give you the same answer.
Just checked your GIG is active or not , are you online or out of office mood .


Thank you Akash, my gig is active and I have no cancellation, indeed my gigs were doing very good. I’ve heard about refreshing the gig by CS and I am not sure if that’s a real thing.

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gig has no static position, wait few day, and you’ll have your gig back in it’s position, also share your gig on social media to attract client who need your services

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