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Gigs have just stopped after vacation mode

Hi Folks,

A few weeks ago, things were starting to gain momentum for me with my voice-over gigs. I was starting to average 1-2 a day, and things were on the up-and-up. I felt real forward momentum and I seemed like things were on the right track. For the Easter Weekend, I was going to be visiting family and wouldn’t be in the studio, so I put fiverr on “Vacation Mode” on Friday Night, and returned it to normal mode Easter Sunday Night.

It has been a week and have yet to receive a single job order. It’s rather distressing. Does anybody have any ideas as to why a few gigs that took 2 days off would completely die?



@liquidlettuce Not sure if it’s relevant in your case, but I have noticed that letting orders accumulate in your queue seems to attract more orders. Perhaps when you brought it back and may have had 0 in queue, this may have swayed the confidence of others. I have also heard vacation mode is a bit buggy and may have effected rankings. I would contact CS to inquire in regards to this. Something else to consider. New gigs get initial exposure in high places, and sometimes they get cycled down to give other gigs a chance to get exposure. Perhaps when you went on vacation mode another cycled up new gig took your place. Other things to consider would be to ask your buyers how they found you to begin with, and see if you still show up there. Maybe also consider switching categories around, as well.

Yes this happened for me too. My orders declined drastically after a vacation was put on fiverr. I also notices that our position is the search result will also go down after a vacation. In my case I was coming up on 5th or 6th in the first page, after vacation this went very down. But after some days I was able to recapture my position.

I am on a vacation again now, I guess It will take some time for me to be shown up again.

As stated above: editing your gig might help…

Well, I am back from Vacation now. Just wanted to let you know how is my current standing in search results. When I searched for my service, I am not even able to see my gig!! It was on the very first page before vacation (that too on a notable position). Seems it will take a long time for me to get back on track again!! I will update this thread If I see any improvement with my search result.

I had the same experience. :frowning:

So thats kind of a lesson for newbies like me… NEVER GO ON VACATION MODE!!

I don’t know if it’s vacation mode. But the last little while for me gigs have almost completely stopped.

I don’t think it’s the vacation mode. I think it’s the time of year.