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Gigs I can charge $4000 for that people buy and how can I do this on fiverr?


I have a few services that are online marketing related that are valued at $4000-$5000. These are obviously high level specialties. My question is, is it possible to offer these services to fiverr users? Let’s just say the answer is yes (there definitely fiverr users that would be interested) My concern is that the value is so high that I may be susceptible to people who can just click that they weren’t satisfied after I deliver the goods exactly as promised. I would be much more comfortable in dealing with a true escrow service that would award the funds upon proof of completion. Any comments out there would be appreciated. So far I believe the answer is NO, there’s no way to offer gigs this high of value on fiverr.


Thanks for the response. I get the market manipulation. I just wish I could offer some higher ticket services that all. It’s apparent that I can’t but I thought I would post anyways. My numbers aren’t stupid by the way. I find myself not being able to supply my buyers with certain things that I am capable of, which serious marketers do in fact pay for. Thanks again.