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Gigs Imoression not increasing


Can any one help me out there why gig impressions are not going to increase after changing of tags and title.


Do Marketing and Promoting your gigs


already done this but only clicks and views are increasing impressions are not increasing



It takes some times to update. If this is not working, please do marketing in a proper way. It’ll help you to get more clicks, view & impression also.



can you explain the best way of marketing a gig?


usually how much time it will take. i have checked after 2 days and still gigs impression keeps going on decreasing


Do social media marketing your gigs


There is a several way of gigs marketing.

Social media marketing is more effective than other!


i have done social media marketing but only views and clicks are increasing


I understand but you have to do marketing in a crazy way!
Then your impression will go us easlily…


thanks alot for your suggestons


Just keep waiting… It’ll also increase… Don’t worry, at first I also faces like this problem. Bit now its okey.

So, my suggession is do marketing in a proper way daily. I hope, your problem will be solved.