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Gigs Impression and improvement!

Hi, all of you I hope you all are well. I am the new in this community please check my Gig How to improve my gig

Thanks In Advance!!


Why you give you flickr link?
It’s not allowed. Sound like you want your buyer communicate outside fiverr.
To be Safe…, Better to remove your flickr link

My honest review:
Your design is not good enough. Some of them kind of blurry?
This is a very very basic design. Just like a newbie learning photoshop.

“3 Design Concepts. Double Sided + 300dpi CMYK + JPG, PDF + Source Files”
You never mentioned .ai?

“Free Minor changes anytime”
THIS is a very bad idea. This means that your seller can ask revisions in future eventhough you have complete the order?
You will become a easy target for scam buyer.


Increase your work speed.


Thanks for your informative instruction.

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Thanks for the information.

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