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Hey there,
My Name Is Soman Mia Form Bangladesh.I Am Joined Fiverr In March 2020 As a New Seller.
I am Digital Marketer Specially I Am Expert On Facebook, Google ,Twitter ,LinkedIn and E-mail
And Other Digital Marketing Service .I Gave Five Gigs On Fiverr, Like,Facebook Gigs 2, Google gig 1,Twitter Gig 1 ,And E-mail Gigs 1 But I I Haven’t Received Any Order So Far.I Thought Of Giving Two More Gigs But Now The Impression ,Clicks, Views are Being Updated.Is It Okay To Give My Gigs At This Moment.Below Is My Fiverr Link.
Thank You
Soman Mia

This is the thread for information on this:

Please correct your post.

It is humanly impossible to read it with Cap letters and all in one line.

Create paragraphs.

Remove capitalization of each word.

Next to the title of topic you have pen icon .

Change title to something like: please review my gig.
And change section of forum because this is all wrong.