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Gigs impression impression


My all Gigs impression are continuous down from last two months. what will I do? whats the reason? I am online 24 hours’. My order completion rate and response rate 100% and positive rating 4.6


::::: :frowning:
:::: you are Not Online …


@angelofthedark i am online 24 hour


i don’t know why i am online via fiverr app chek it again


yes, I need help can you help me? I am online via Fiverr 24 hours and some time from browser. i don’t know why its not showing.


ok but I think from Fiverr app it’s not need to refresh after every 10 minutes


please try gig boosting, it will help you alot


how I boost my Gig? Can you give me some examples


in 3 gigs i have reviews but are not on the first page few days ago its on 3rd page now its not found on search results don’t know why


you can find many sellers on fiverr, boosting the link you provide to them. in $5 or so


Thank you i will try


Contact Fiverr support and try to get some traffic yourself
Try and promote your gig via social media
Respond to buyer’s requests


Why? This will do nothing for your impressions and will do even less for obtaining sales.


I don’t know why my sales is also down


Can you please explain what you meant by Gig boosting? Don’t understand @deen_graphics


Nice screenshot of your impressions…Maybe you will post of screenshot of revenue soon just like how these internet marketing gurus do…


Same things happening with me too!:neutral_face:


@graphicsdoer here it is