Gigs Impression , views and click suddenly gone to zero


hi , my all Gigs Impressions , view and clicks gone to zero without any reason , i am getting people in inbox for asking about work , but when i see gigs today they show all impression , gig and views to zero .

please recommend me , why this happens


It might be a bug. Contact customer support.


already contacted them


Same here. Let me know when they respond please.


they already responded and ask for screen shots , now waiting for them to reply


:worried: wait for contact support reply…


they are saying , everything is ok with gigs that is normal which happens with me :frowning:

can you suggest anything , why this happens ?


CS send this bug to their developer team to solve it


I have same problem. Should I contact CS also?


I have the same problem, but I wouldn’t think anything of it. It’s not like your gig is actually not showing up in the search. I gained two favorites yesterday but my gig’s views, clicks, and impressions are all stuck at 0. If there is something actually wrong and not just a minor Fiverr mistake, it will show again in today’s results. Hope this helped.


My gigs works well, but just not showing the results


I think it is a bug. Will probably be ok tomorrow now that Fiverr is aware of it.


Hi friends , Yes it was a BUG , fiverr CS told me that they are working on it , and today all impression , views and click are back to normal :slight_smile: what about you ? :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone I got more information from here.


Same thing happened to me here. It might be just a bug.


its again DOWN to zero , any one else get this issue again ?


I have the same problem. On 29th & 31st July, my stats is zero. I contacted CS, and now waiting for their reply.


Same here. Fiverr is experiencing a lot of technical difficulties so just be patient.