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Gigs impression, views, social click and clicks features looking odd

Hello there, Anyone would help to views my gigs impression, views, social click and clicks features those are looking very much odd. My dextop are shown those red where my android looked views and impression are red and social click and clicks are green. Have an information, before five days ago I have done a job and got good feedback. After completing this job my gigs shown difference between dextop and Android. Hope to better suggestions on this forum. Best wishes


Is there nobody give me suggestion to improve my gigs situation. Like views, impressions, social clicks or clicks indicator.

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As I recall some one else already discussed this topic here some time ago. So you can just search for it if you want a quick answer.
But as I recall the solution was: on fiverr app they are showing statistics over a different period of time.


yes this was me
Read my post

facing same problem :frowning: