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Gigs impressions and clicks are are going down

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well.
My gig impressions are going down day by day. I really don’t know why. I am new to Fiverr. Please if anyone have any kind of tip or any advice that can help me I will really appreciate that.
Also checkout my gigs.


Hi, I understand how frustrated you’re.
I just reviewed your profile and found less searchable keywords. You can update you gig with some better keywords.

Also for the new profile it’s hard to progress your rank on search result, so you can update your gig, keywords, concentrate on killer description and share your gig on social media to bring traffic and orders.


Thank you so much for this

Share your gig on social media and web2.0 site to get impression and click.

What is Web 2.0 site?

Blog post site in usa

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whenever clicks or impressions go down,it means you need to update gig data and you need to write accurate data in your gig.maybe its your impressions or clicks will increase

I want to know from you that what do you mean by keyword? 5 tag keyword or description keyword?

I think you mean gig description keyword.Just for ensure i am asking you brother.

You can increase your gig impressions by doing SEO of your gig and by targeting the keywords buyers are searching. You can also increase them by promoting your gig on social media platforms.

I’m wishing you lots of success and happiness in your new job. Best of luck to you :innocent:


I really appreciate that.
Thank you so much for the best wishes.

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Give me this link please… I didn’t find it

please suggest between types of keywords

Thanks for this information.
I really appreciate you knowledge about gig SEO.

Share your gigs on social media.It will be helpfull for increasing your gig impression

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Your Information will be very helpful for every seller.