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Gigs Impressions, Clicks and Orders

I have had an amazing experience on Fiverr from day one, as I have been getting orders consistently and positive reviews. In exactly 60 days I got levelled up as Level 1 seller and my gigs were trending.

Because of the workload I put a limit on orders and when I cleared the backlog, I removed the limit but ever since my gig is out of competition i.e. From 1700 impressions in a day to 50-60 and it has gone to last pages.

I am unable to understand what’s the issue as all of my indicators are green i.e. response rate 100%, On time Delivery 100%, Order Completion 96%.

Can someone please help me as it’s been more than a week since I got last order and impressions are down and out.




This happens sometimes to people who limit orders or activate Out of office. Nothing you can do there, just continue.

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Ah. This is disgusting from fiverr. they give an option and then make us suffer

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This happens everywhere. When you work in company and you go on vacation are you really 100% convinced your job will be there for you when you return and none of your coworkers is going to shine brighter in your absence?

It is just life. I never took a vacation in 12 years of working. One time I was absent was because I needed surgery.


Ah. Ok thank you for the the comment and realization :slight_smile: . I am trying that I get back on track soon

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What I do is definitely not smart or healthy.

But I need income and support my family.

Every persons has different life situation and struggles.

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Agreed. I also am an avid worker. I do job, freelancing and some sort of business and I have always been working. Weekends, after office etc. Got huge success on Fiverr and that’s why gor worried of getting out of the league all of a sudden

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