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Gigs impressions gettings lower

For the last 5 months, my Gigs (Total 6) impressions gettings lower consistently. In the meantime, I have tried to improve the title, tags, description, etc. But no luck. I completely blind now, and no idea what to do.

Please help me if someone faces the same kind of issues.



Why not post in the correct section about getting advice on your Gig/s and then you can post links so people can easily see them and hopefully respond?


Thanks for your concern, I have changed the Category, I think its correct one now.

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You can give a try by changing your Gig Image (must be attractive and professional), Tags and Unique Description to those gigs which are constantly decreasing. Also try to stay online in Fiverr as much as you can. Send buyer request in proper format. Try to give more time on forum. I guess these will help to improve (at least little bit) your gigs visibility to others. Thanks

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@saidmahmud Assalamualaikum Bro,
JajakAllah for your great opinion.
Any idea of how I can spend potential time on Forum?

Ok, so forgive me if I am wrong but you gave lots of attention to the fellow who gave you poor advice, seeing the stay active on the forum thing is repeatedly disproven, yet gave only lip-service to the person who gave direct and practical advice incl something you could/should do to help get better advice.

I have noticed this quite a few times. One could wonder if only certain types of people (maybe even certain faiths) are “honorable” enough to speak to with respect.

Maybe there is a real lesson in this.

Al-Nasir Salah al-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub (Saladin) had great respect for the Crusader King Richard I even though they fought each other.


Hello @benedictrm
I am sorry if you feel I had lacking to give you enough honor, I am really sorry!
And it’s also tough for me to judge which advice is good and which one poor.
I just saw his style of approach and as a Muslim tradition I gave a ‘Salam’, that’s it.


Understand that this is a universal space. I am as happy to give or receive ‘Salam’ or just ‘good respect’ as anyone else. If you give it to some but not others it is a problem in that you see that people who you choose to not give it to now have obviously been excluded.

Best probably to leave specific traditions out of it and use the general ones to make it clear that you are here as an equal to all.

As for wise advice vs un-wise. Read broadly. I understand Mohammed himself to have been be a very practical man so would have soon worked out the wet sand from the dry.


Every time you edit your gigs, they are taken out from search temporarily, which may be causing the issue if you have been editing your gigs often.
Honestly, focusing less on impressions and more on providing and proving that you can do the work needed is helpful. For example, taking the initiative and responding to buyer requests that suit your abilities. Even if they do not choose you for the particular project, buyers may consider you for a future one if the offer you have made is well-done.
Hopefully this helps!


Hi @eliiclaire
Thank you so much for your great advice and info. It is really very helpful
Thanks again.

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