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Gigs Improvement for selling

How to improvement my gigs? can someone explain to me? How look like assemble is perfect for selling?
thanks you all.

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I am in same problem, plz advise some one.



Hi rabealaizu,

as for Corona times, Fiverr says that it’s just panic having dry spells. I mentioned to the staff in a webinar last week that I am considering selling on alternative platforms. Probably, I’ve figured that I will experience the same problems somewhere else, so I will stay committed to Fiverr and use the time to spice up my portfolio items here.

Best wishes,


Thanks for your good information…


Hi Nicodim,
actually, I acquired a client this weekend, but I had to undersell myself a lot because I haven’t had a client in 8 months. I am struggling a bit in this early project stage to maintain an overselling level and receive a very positive rating.
Thanks, Anna