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Gigs in Italian, test in English

I created an italian gigs (and i selected just italian language, not english!), but at the end of the gigs creation, fiverr asked me to have a english test.

Why, if the gigs is just in Italian?!

Tnx to all


Possibly because English is the main language of the site, and sellers should be able to communicate in English?


Ciao Simone,

you can’t make gigs in Italian. You can only have Italian users use the automatic translation button, or make a secondary decription in Italian - if you can manage to make it fit within the 1200 character limit.
Fiverr is an international platform so English proficiency needs to be tested for some gigs, and translation of gigs is just a courtesy as customers should have basic English knowledge.
English is obligatory sitewide, technically even in the chat too (although not enforced in the rules unlike for gigs, as it is hard to prevent) because it needs to be screened in case you need to report messages.

Moreso, identical copies of the same gigs are not permitted. Since you made a clone of the same gig you offer in English, you will need to take that down or the team will cancel it and send you a warning. These deleted gigs are also unsalvageable.

You can advertise the service as multilingual by adding a British and Italian flag on the gig image, but all of the main text has to be kept in English.

I know you surely won’t like it, as neither I do, but this is how it is. Italians who are on Fiverr speak English anyways.


Hi, mattboa.
By the term of service, intentional copies of gigs are not allowed on Fiverr. But I’ve read in the forum Translated Gigs will be handled as separate Gigs ;-) that translated gigs are fine. Do you have a link where Fiverr officially writes about translated gigs? Thanks.

Not anymore, because FYI that thread is 4 years old: such changes are not available anymore and there’s nothing in the ToS other than the first paragraph telling you, like I said, that the website’s in English and any translation is just courtesy (plus as you know you need to at least confirm any level of English skill when signing up). In fact, OP’s “separate translated gigs” are not available anymore when switching country like he was showing 4 years ago, it’s all in English now. That change probably lasted only a few months before someone realised that Support can’t possibly know all languages at a time, only English and Hebrew at most.

Most posts made around 2013, 2014, etc. are obsolete, even some from last year, so necro-surfing will only confuse you. Years ago Fiverr only worked with 5 dollar orders only if you think about it. You can read a lot about email/social media exchanges not just for credential matters and so on which nowadays is a strict no-no and the first thing you learn.


Gig descriptions in English are mandatory. You can use additional languages as long as all the information is also available in English.

The above is from here: Fiverr Help and Education Center

I think that the final word about gigs in other languages is NO because of the Gig Policies that lloydsolutions has cited: " Gig descriptions in English are mandatory. You can use additional languages as long as all the information is also available in English." As mattboa has written, “someone realised that Support can’t possibly know all languages at a time”.
The only way to use other languages is to write a gig in English and add in the same gig a translation in the other language. I’m wondering if it’s necessary. Buyers are probably used to read English and don’t need a translation.
But how can I promote my gigs on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter if they are written only in English? Maybe I can write a post in Italian even though the gig is written in English, so who is interested has at least an idea of the gig.

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That’s exactly what most people do, even I at one point did it.

If you think a lot of people from X (your) country who are not necessarily experts in English will reach you, then do it, it’s legitimate.

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