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Gigs is not in search results-oriented

Hi… I am getting problem in searching my gig… My gig is not shown on any page even using filters but i got 2 to 3 orders yesterday at that time the gig was not in search results… Before this my gig was on first page… Any body now about this… Even i change the tags and title to check but one gig is appearing but main orders gig is not in search results.
Thank you


I’m not sure these are the main problem, but please see (CPM) points 2 and 3:

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i think if you didn’t find your gig in search result for approximately 3 or 4 days then can ask fiverr CS. they are the only one who can solve the issue.
gigs are reviewed and oriented when you edit/update. you know takes time.


thank you for your kind response hope for the best

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