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Gigs just suddenly dropped off


I just completed my last order in my queue last night.

There’s nothing else there, not even a nibble on my Inbox. Crickets.

Seems that after 70 orders I would have something there, I almost don’t know what to do with myself, I guess I can count my blessings and use this time off to be constructive???

My gig if you’re curious…



Although as well as positive can you be critical? I’m not a big fan of over positive reviews, I like to be told something aint quite right.


Thanks! You are right but most clients are looking for numbers…if it’s what they request in their order I can’t say no!


Same here with me, My gig too suddenly dropped.


It happens from time to time. I don’t think some of the bugs in the Fiverr system have helped. I’ve always found that I go through a week where I get loads of orders and then a week where there’s a couple. It’s just the joys of freelancing…spend your downtime promoting your gigs, reconnecting with previous buyers (I send a message to some of those I’ve had long conversations with in the past to see how they are) and looking to see if you can update your gigs in anyway to make them easier to find in search.


Hi, the same has happened to me. I had 5 sales in 2 days but now I have not had a sale in four days. It is probably normal but I love coming home to a new sale.


It is nice to have some work to come home to! I feel like I can earn money doing what I really enjoy and eventually get out of my other job since it’s not bringing me much happiness to begin with.


Reply to @horusthecat: That’s exactly what I mean, I love fiverr, It lets you earn money for something you love doing, My passion is graphic design, I can easily do this with fiverr.


I think that @aingham69 has a good idea about reconnecting with past buyers.

You might also experiment with adding a new gig–I’ve done this from time to time, and every now and then, I hit upon one that works well. For example, I have a gig where I interview people on my blog, and one day I got the idea to add a gig where I post excerpts of people’s books or other creative projects on the blog, and this idea took off. (Believe me, I’ve had other ideas that didn’t work, but oh well!)