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Gigs keyword not working

Hi, how are all my friend .I have face some problem . I want add my targeted keyword .but fiverr suggested some keyword .but i don’t need fiverr suggested keyword .
please check this video . i hope you can understand all everything

Thank you

Do not take fiverr gigs more than 5 tags (keywords) and more than 20 characters

I know my friend . I have check but it’s not working .

please check this images

But dude, I saw more than 20 characters in your keyword.

can you send me the keyword ss ?

@redoyisalm not yet, bro …

If I remember correctly you either just need to press enter after you typed your keyword or put a coma ,

It should be written how to add your keywords in the same window in light grey Before you put any keyword there.

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many many thanks it’s working .

problem solved .type your keyword than type only enter. Thanks you all .

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