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Gigs lost rank! What should I do?

I could find my gigs on the 1st/2nd page by searching but now they are gone! Impressions are decreased, from 1k daily to 50/60. What should I do now?


simipair problem cant find myself by using search engine

what were your stats? can u find usrels in local sellers/online users?


No, can’t find anywhere. If I search with my level + online + local seller, than it shows :frowning:

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Hi, Same thing happened with my gig’s too 2months ago and still after completing orders from my previous buyers my GIG’s has not showing in first 3pages all you can do is just try to be online as much as you can


yea same what are your stats like response rate/order completion etc

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whats stats do u have

My all states are perfect with 100% but few months ago I haven’t came online because of so many work and from there my gig’s never came back to first page


Gig position is not permanent. Fiverr algorithm update the gig position regularly. It depends on many factors. Better gig performance than your competitor is an important factor. Be patient and do some awesome work. Hopefully your gig will become beginning of the search result.


It happened to me before. But don’t worry. You will get back your Gig Rank In One Month. ( From my personal experience )

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try to be on line and prmote on social networks… good luck !!

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Thank you, brother. :heartbeat:

Everything was fine, recently got a bad review, that could be a reason

Thank you very much. I will try my best

Thank you, I will do that

Thank you brother. Hopefully that will happen

not really im here waiting 2 months nothign is happening

Please contact customer care. If not possible then edit your gig as per your requirement.


Does it work? Editing the gig

for me it didnt work

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