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Gigs lost the Rank, Unqualified Promoted gig [SERIOUS ISSUE]

Hello I am Mehtab, :wave:
I have been working on Fiverr since 2016, Level 2 Seller and it has been a great experience for me till now, Since Feb 01, all of my gigs lost the rank, and even under the Promotion tab, both of gis are unqualified to even I do not get work on my 2nd gig. My Stats are

Response time 1 hour and rate = 100%
Deliver on Time = 97%
Completion Rate= 100%

It all happened when I have used the Promotion feature, maybe that’s a coincidence, I read what @frank_d said in Fiverr 3.0! He had shared very valuable information. But it seems there is something more to it.

I waited 60 days because Fiverr calculates 60 days of data for the analytics. During these 60 days

1. 4 Orders got canceled (1 Mistankely placed the order, 1 Client ordered and said he will come back his team is not ready yet ).

2. Revision 2-3

3. 1 Order was delivered Late

My number of orders is always above 80+, It was 130 before my gig live. Seeing the number of orders I manage to cancel and revisions are very low. This seems to be a glitch on Fiverr especially in my category, Social Media Marketing.

I receive daily 2-3 Reviews mostly 5 Stars my Profile Ratings is also 5 Star. I get tips and 80% of my client’s orders again from me. that’s why even after losing positon for 2 months I still have 80+ orders. I have now team and I don’t like downsizing. I still hope that my gig will get back to its original or a fair position.

I am writing this because can we get a clear explanation from any Fiverr Staff here like @mjensen415.


I have a similar problem. The views of my GiGs were 700-800. Now it is 20-10 views per day. I got a tier 1 vendor. All my metrics and rating are 100%. views have remained at a very low level. No orders.
I do not know what to do.


Same issue here! since 3 weeks, I think a lot of sellers are facing this issue


Yes many sellers are facing this issue, there is no solid solution

I believe there is some rotation here on Fiverr.
Your gig can’t be always at the same rank / page forever even if you perform an outstanding work.

It’s naturally to give other seller the equal chance to get order.

Fiverr staff don’t have to explain the algorithm and how it works. You have to prepare for any issues that can sometimes appear. You’re a guest on their platform, and they have their own rules.

Maybe you had cancellations, maybe you had negative private feedback (yes, people are asked for private feedback on top of what you see).

Having a team is a risk you took, knowing the potential problems that can appear. You will have to downsize…

You can’t have a team and rely only on a single marketplace. You need at least 2-3 marketplaces… there were people here with 100k reviews that were removed from Fiverr because they broke the rules. And I am pretty sure they had a team.


Hello @donnovan86 following you for quite some time, and I appreciate your feedback on my post, I will wait for some more time and downsize after that.

I also think that it maybe because of some private Feedback(s), and mostly the cancellations were mistakes of client, When you work with 100+ clients you can expect some negative or low feedback.

I don’t want them to explain the algo, just wanted to confirm if there is a glitch or something else.


I went through the same issue myself, but with a lot of hard work, eventually you get it back. By the time you finish all those 83 orders… you will be fine

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I hope so, I work 30 days for each client, I provide management based services, each deadline is different,but let’s see Thank you

Hey guys!

I had the same problem a few weeks ago. Suddenly, my gigs didn’t show up on the search results. I was getting like 5-6 orders per week, to end up being 10 days without any order at all. I had a problem with a client who asked for non-sense revisions, one hour before the delivery was marked as complete. And he did this three times. So, a job that was supposed to be easily delivered, took me almost ten days to be completed.

What I did was:

.Updated my description of the gig
.Deleted the video of my gig and reuploaded with another title
.Created a Facebook post making sure that the link of my gig was there and published it in every Facebook Group I was able to
.Left the Gig Promotion active

After a day or two, the gig was back on the track, appearing again on the search results and having the same ammount of orders and impressions I had before.

Before doing any of these things, make sure to search for your gig in Fiverr. If it doesn’t shows up, maybe you have to follow these steps. At least, it worked for me.


The same thing happens to many of us; it happened to me 2 weeks ago; all promoted gigs change status to “unqualified,” At the same time, all my gigs disappear for search results even many of them were on the first pages. It has nothing to do with negative feedback, I only receive 5-star reviews, and everything on my orders was running perfectly.
It looks like they make changes to their algorithm. I see many new sellers ranking on the first pages.


this is an old thing (we already talked about it in other posts)
Fiverr rotates the sellers, now it’s your turn to stay behind, “promotion tab” has nothing to do with it, but when they tell you that you are no longer eligible to promote your gigs it is a first symptom that your performances has dropped … … what you can do you are wondering … the only thing is to wait or promote your fiverr services on social networks or other places or you can take a break waiting for Fiverr to re-insert you in the top positions.

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You talk to the fiber support team about your problem. I hope your problem will be solved.

I have talked to them, answer was generic

I have mentioned that I waited 60+ days, but let’s wait more

we have waited 116days… in that time we relaxed our mind

There is a FIBER support team? WOW


It’s the one that works hand in hand with the Fever support team! :slight_smile:


Now it is the Fever team?

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same issue no orders for the last two weeks…