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Gigs moved to last page from last few days

HI Everyone,
I know this topic is already been discussed here several times , but to me this happened 1st time in last 3 years,
I am level 2 caricature artist and my best seller gig remained on top in search pages of Fiverr from almost last 2 years, but from the last 3-4 days my impressions and sales suddenly got declined and i noticed no new buyers are contacting me, when i check my gig in search results i didn’t find it anywhere , so i tried the filters to narrow down the search and found my self in last pages.
i didn’t do any edits in my gig and everything was normal before this happen
looking for your suggestions
Thank you

This has happened to many sellers. If you search the Forum you will see it is a common theme even for sellers that have a TRS badge.

what should i do in that case, now a days i am only working with my long term clients, and my impressions and clicks are almost zero now …

This is one of the posts I talked about. @frank_d has some interesting info and I liked @jymsym’s answer too.

Hey how long did it take for your gigs to go back to the top?

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