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Gigs not appearing in search results

Its been quite a few while i am on fiverr, but for my studies i was not very active for almost a year now and i am trying to start again.

I have paused all the previous gigs and activating them one by one after modifying the gig images and and other details, but i cant see my gig even if i search with the whole title .

What i need help with is, should i delete my gigs and re create them or just modify them ?
Any help will be greatly appreciated

Did you search by your gig title ?

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Yes i have searched with the whole gig title and every other way possible i think

you should contact to custom support hope you will get solution.

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Thanks i am also thinking of doing that

It will be better if you recreate your gig.

And also follow this method:

go to * Help & Support (at footer section)> then click Seller Help Centre> contact Us> Submit A Request (Select Gig) > What is the issue with your gig?(Select Doesn’t appear in search)> Select your gig> If show gig is active then your gig already active.

Thank you.


Thanks this was the best Solution until now :heart: . Its showing my gig is pending. but

here you can see its showing as active @ashraful_arman

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Yes, most of the sellers do not know this method. They thought that their gigs active but unfortunately not.

No, it’s not active.

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Understood. but 30 days for moderation? As per my knowledge it takes up to 3 days after creating a gig to approve or reject for modification.
so i should just delete the gig and create a new one with the modification i have done