Gigs not be displayed on the search result


I’m newbie on fiverr, I have made my first gigs. I made ​​it about 1 days ago but I can not find my gigs in the search results.

does anyone know if this is okay or not?


Contact Customer Support.

I have been dealing with a search issue for a few days. Customer Support does not seem to think there is a problem but if enough people open support tickets about the same problem then someone will eventually take this seriously.

Here is a link to the Thread I started if you want to see what I’ve been dealing with and if it is the same problem you are having.

Currently I am running a very comprehensive test of Title, Description and Keyword Tags to test my hypothesis. I’m going to give it a day or two in order to let the search algorithm do its thing then I will post the results.


I’ve been having that problem since I joined. None of my gig are getting views because they are not showing in the search results.


Reply to @daemonbill: thanks for the info, it looks like the problem is the same as problem I was having.


If they are acting like there is no problem with search results then:

  • They really have bad programmers or support who cant really check the problem (less likely)
  • They are working to fix issues (I read a lot of threads in last couple of months with people complaining)
  • They manually adjust results to bring someone up or down per their wish (can be)

    Third option is possible because manually they can do much better than any software (of course with software doing a job but they add some pluses or minuses). trevor_b, you are selling marketing gigs and that kind of business is not so “moral”… I do also one kind of marketing so I am in pretty the same case like you. So, maybe they just want to put unique, amazing, fantastic and funny gigs in front of selling links or such…


Fiverr SEARCH problem may be fixed. Please check my thread for more details.




@daemonbill: thanks