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Gigs not being shown in search

I maintained a perfect profile by getting all perfect 5 star reviews and delivering best quality work. I have completed a great number of orders and am a number 2 seller. One day, fiverr just made changes and it made such changes that my gigs were removed from the search. They made an excuse that they (all such gigs) are removed because they do not follow their newly updated TOS. I had biology, chemistry, labs related gigs and along with those I had article writing gig and many other gigs. What was disappointing was they had removed all the gigs from search. My gigs have been like that since 10 months and I have not received a single order on them. More importantly, fiverr customer support hasn’t done anything for me. They have been USELESS! When I submitted continuous requests and proofs of other gigs being promoted and mine not being even shown, they told me that they have restored my gig but in the other mail a few hours later, they denied such. They completely changed their statement and stance. Now, they don’t even reply to my requests. Why has fiverr started showing double standards? Anyone else who has been through this or has faced similar problems? Anyone who was able to tackle this problem and could get his/her gigs restored please let me know. Thank you.

How do you know they were removed from the search? I have has such a serious slump in sales I am starting to wonder if I have too.

Only one gig can appear per category. You have multiple gigs in the same category. Only one will appear at a time.

I don’t believe that a rant against Customer Support will improve things for you. In addition, it sounds as though you’ve been harassing CS with repeated messages and, in your own words, “continuous requests and proofs of other gigs being promoted and mine not being even shown…” You have been sending CS multiple messages about the same thing, rather than being patient and listening to what they have told you – and what they have told you a few times now.

You are not entitled to free visibility in Fiverr’s search engine. If they removed you from their search results, it is for a reason, and it sounds like they have already explained those reasons to you.

Hm? I have three gigs that appeared in one category in the past.

They appeared all at the same time? Would have been a glitch then. The new rule is that you can only have one gig appear per category at once.

How did you find that out? That might explain a lot! How do we know which one it is?

Customer support.

For a while, only my newest gig appeared in the search. My old gig got zero views. They said you can only have one gig display per category at a time.

The only way to know which one it is will be to search through the category.

Hello, I know how frustrating this is for you but if your gigs or your account is against TOS then they will remove them. I hope you can recover from this and make a new start.

I wonder why they didn’t mention it to me when I was asking about the search… wait, are you meaning categories (like Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, etc.) or subcategories (like Web and Mobile Design)?


I had two gigs at once stage. I had a blog post gig and an article gig. Both appeared in the same sub-category. Only one appeared. I was told this was the reason for it.

Mine aren’t in the same subcategory - that might be why they didn’t mention it to me. I was really hoping I didn’t have to delete and re-post one (and lose my marketing links). I think it might be messed up somehow. I noticed my Gig banner disappeared again (it appears to show up and disappear at random). Or maybe it just doesn’t really fit all that well where I have it.

Anyway, thanks for the info!

Where did you get this info ?

You may be right jon. However , they can be vague in CS … often. Especially when it comes to asking questions about the search function and gig exposure it seems.

I’d love to know if this is the case… Where only one gig per category will be shown. I do videos and if I want to split up my video gigs to offer a different style in one gig than the other , I wouldnt want the fact that they both fall under the same category to limit my exposure…

Product Reviews are different from testimonial for example.

Another would be Commercials and explainer videos and promotonal videos…
and kick starter videos… All would fall under 1 category according to fiverr right now I think…

This could be a serious problem.

As far as I am aware, yes, only one gig gets shown per seller per category. This is on purpose so that sellers cannot spam a category with gig copies in the hopes of having more of their gigs are shown in the listings.

You can certainly have more than one – notably different – gig per category listed on your profile page, but only ONE will be shown in the Fiverr search and category results.

Not sure that’s the case. I have multiple Gigs in the same Category and I am able to find them using different search terms. Mostly excerpts from their Titles