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Gigs not bringing buyers

Hello Fiverr community, I made 2 GIgs before a couple of days and I not getting buyers, I do every day my buyer requests and I trying to improve my Gigs but nothing works. can anyone help me?

my Gigs:


please help or give me tips.

Thank you,


Hm, before I start, may I ask your permission to review your account/profile?

Do you really want to be a seller on Fiverr or are you just making an account here for your YouTube video series?


Hello, yes you can and I want to be a seller on Fiverr, I don’t have a youtube channel.


Well, in that case, what skills do you have?

Actual real skills, not the GIGs that you made so far?

What can you do, what education you have?

I still didn’t finished highschool but I can write an html document

Suggest you take on board the advice given in your previous topics.


My suggestions for you to make seo gig with good image. Make good description and send a good script for buyer request. Don’t copy paste same script on every buyer request.

I laughed at your logo design gig.

0/10 for effort, 0.5/10 comedy, 0% chance of a sale.

Fiverr seriously needs to increase the age limit here to full on legal adult.

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