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Gigs not doing well

I have not received any orders, it’s been a month now. I was doing very well here. My gig performance has declined badly to 0. Can someone who has the knowledge about this issue guide me?


What is your Average selling price?

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Why? Are you going to tell her to lower it?


You need to re-optimize your gig. Your tags are no where near similar to the top sellers in your categories and update your images to something more engaging. Lowering your prices could help, but I wouldn’t go lower than $30.

I don’t know what has happened in past days, but I was doing really well with all 5 star rating. But I should be amending the gigs… and lessen the prices… maybe and hopefully it can help

No, I am just asking. Do now lower it. If your average selling price is good then your gig will perform well.


Nope, but okay. Price does not determine sales volume or success.