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Gigs not Indexing after Creation or Changes. Temporary Limbo


Hi Fiverr’ss

I have noticed that creating or changing a gig title or gig video recently,. not only makes the position fall off but makes it key word invisible also. I have had to contact CS on two occasions. Once for creating the new gig and once for changing it. Why does it it take over 24hrs to index a gig? Why make gigs live if doing so is mute. They cant be found until someone eyeballs it at Fiverr and have inspected and authorized the gig. Should the seller not be informed it’s in temporary limbo?


I created 2 new gigs a few hours ago, and I can find them both by searching for title keywords.


CS told me the first time it had been authorized after 24 hrs. after that iBAM! first page. 12 hrs later today after a small change still no response and completely invisible.


i think fiverrs indexing process is little bit slow , it has happend with me also


I know it can take a couple of days after an edit for them to reappear. :slightly_smiling_face: