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Gigs not selling yet

Hi Friends,

I am new at Fiverr. I made a Gig here a look on it …I made this gig after 3 days making it and video…but the main surprise is It is not selling I tried… share on social site but no sell…Please see my gig and tell my mistake…I totally hopeless in Fiverr

Be patient and keep promoting it on social media.
You will make sales.

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It is against forum rules to post shortened links so you need to remove this (use the little edit pen) and put the full Fiverr link.

thanks to inform me …it will not happen next time

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Thanks Miss,

any more advice for this young freelancer

share your social media more and more.
Speacially Youtube , Facebook , Twitter, Instagram , LinkedIn.

But… i share it lot…just increasing amount of views…did any wrong in my gig?mistake?