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Gigs not selling


Hello … I join fiverr from last month and i make many gigs as per my skills but i am not getting any order Can any one help me?


Have you checked and implemented all the advice given to other sellers in this category because in general the same applies to everyone.

Specifically for you,

  • the logo categories are very difficult to get work in.
  • your profile picture is a bit odd. Make sure it’s a picture of you.
  • the English in your gig descriptions isn’t great, which wouldn’t matter except it’s a little confusing in places. Consider paying a copywriter from Fiverr to write it for you. It should also include more information. Your gig description is your market stall so your products need to be displayed better than the guy’s in the next stall so that people will buy from you, not him.


May I know how many CLICKS/VIEWS, your GIGs have managed to achieve?

To see the number of CLICKS/VIEWS:

Click on your Username (Top-Right),

Then, Selling > My Gigs


Can you tell me which type of description i can write for my gig description?


@pamela1122 gig impressions are 362 and 43 clicks ,86 views…



ok thank you so much for your advice :slight_smile: