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Gigs not showing up in search results / Online bug

Hi there guys and ladies!

I’m gonna just copy-paste the message I sent to the Support:

I have some questions about my Gigs:

  1. - this Gig rarely appears in search results from time to time - BUT, when I set the Status filter to “Online” only - it disappears (please check the video clip: I bet ~99% of clients want to hire the one who is online at the moment so no one will ever find it. Both 2 sells are done by my old client I invited to Fiverr myself. I understand, that my gig is kinda freshly - but I spent hours on analyzing your platform and it seems that search results are very dynamic and all the changes apply immediately, I think that’s kinda of a bug that needs fixing.

  2. / - while my Gig above which was bought twice rarely appears in search results - I was only able to find ONCE my Performance Gig and the third one never appeared at all whatever I did and filtered. Every time I do a search - I see a lot of people just registered on the platform or those who never sold a Gig, plus their tags, SEO, and descriptions aren’t optimized at all, while I analyzed hundreds of Gigs to set the right titles and gigs, and spent hours to write my own unique descriptions - this just doesn’t work for me, I can’t sell on your platform because a chance to find my Gigs due to these bugs is about nothing.

I understand that platforms like Fiverr never care about freelancers, but clients, I also expect a template response from you as it typically occurs, but I still ask for help and hope for understanding.

Thanks in advance!

And guess what? You are right, I just received a template answer which doesn’t give any clearance to any of my questions as the first one isn’t related to their Search Algorithm, but just a bug which causes our sells to go down or even never launch own business here on Fiverr. Here it is:

Fiverr is constantly making changes to improve the buying and selling experience on our site. We want buyers to find the best sellers for their specific needs. Because of this, Gigs will rotate. We are not able to guarantee that your Gig will remain in the same position. Many other sellers “compete” for the same location within search. If another seller is performing better that you, their Gig may appear higher in search results.

We use an algorithm, which takes into account multiple factors. Ratings and number of orders completed are just some of the factors we take into consideration. Unfortunately, we are not able to disclose certain criteria for our search engine, as this information is proprietary.

However, here are some of the things that can help you in receiving the best possible search position.

Provide high quality service
Deliver on time
Avoid unnecessary cancellations
Communicate with your buyers to make sure you understand their needs
Adhere to our Terms of Service

Customer Support will not accept requests for better placement of your Gig.

Kind regards

So I’m here for your tips and indignations. Waiting for your answers, don’t skip this thread if you have similar problems, we must resist, lol.


hi, as per my understanding there are lot of bug in fiverr search. i have informed that to fiverr CS & got same type of reply from them so looks like they don’t won’t to solve it… :roll_eyes:

Ok, for those who wonder - I dig it up a bit and made some tests - first of all, I re-login to my account, then I received another message from the Support where they adviced that I should be online for the last 30 mins for my Gigs to be shown up - it made me wary because I was on-line for the last 10 hours maybe.

So I googled it up a bit and found out that this story goes to 1-2 years back and the bug is still presented and not fixed. First of all, I found a confirmation that re-login may help.

Another point is that to be online all the way you must be on the Fiverr website tab doing something - you might have noticed that your “Online” circle (right top side just right on your avatar) sometimes becomes grey-colored - that’s because you are not wasting your life being at the Fiverr tab, yes, exactly, when you choose any other tab in your browser - your status will set up as offline in the next server request (every 20-30 mins) and good-bye clients.

So as they did nothing for the last 2 years - I believe they just don’t care about us Freelancers and our experience - just go and install Fiverr mobile app, disable your screen to be turned off and keep the Fiverr mobile app launched all the day.

Hope that will help someone!

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nice and awesome tips is it :smile: :blush:

Same problem here. Even my gigs doesn’t show up in the search result page.Contacted CS but of no help.

Thanks everyone, I’m glad this helped you a bit.

@maddy4work yeah, you are not alone, as mentioned - only the Gig my old client bought is presented in Search Results while other two are not whatever I did - I think it’s a crazy situation when you’ll never be shown to promote your Gig because you ARE to be shown for someone to buy your services.

I did some more tests today and figured out that none of the tips above can guarantee that Online bug will bypass you - I still face this problem during a day several times at least. The most interesting thing that if you’ll search for a phrase, then filter Gigs by languages - you’ll see a different number of people being online before and after you click on the Online filter, i.e.: I searched for my Gig “fix WordPress issues” - got some results, filtered by language - here it is my Gig is shown up in the first row - then I took a look at the Online filter on the left-side and saw (7) of people being online - great, I’m online right now, am I? I click on the Online filter and ta-da - the number of people in the brackets of Online filter gone down from 7 to 5 and my Gig wasn’t presented as one among of them.

That’s a purely random and sure the most annoying bug on the Fiverr that breaks the initial idea of the platform - being able to sell own Gigs - you are not, if you a newbie one like me, you’ll even won’t be found by your potential client, say thanks to the Tech Team guys who can’t fix this simple backend bug for the last 2 years (!!!).

Dunno if this is just a coincidence, but I think keeping your main profile page opened ( in a browser tab could help a bit with this annoying bug.

And yes, the mobile app also doesn’t beat this problem - you still should be active doing something on the app within these 20-30m server requests, just keeping it opened with your phone screen being active doesn’t fix the problem.

Good luck everyone, I wish you’ll never face this problem yourself, that really demotivates for making Fiverr another place of income.

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Fiverr does not care about there valuable sellers, Fiverr is full of bugs even there filter system is so bad now they have set up local search which very ugly that shouldn’t be there.

I have been working on fiverr since 2015. and i was happy but from couple of years fiverr have badly hit my profile and gigs downing seller level and many ugly stuff.

My gigs are no where in search results. even fiverr does not know what they are doing.


Fiverr does not respect senior and top rated sellers at all. We sellers made fiverr very famous through our work and now we are nowhere.