Gigs not showing up under profile page


I have two gigs in total. My first gig is supposed to be on my profile page but it is not even visible. Instead, it is replaced by my newest gig.

The first gig I ever created is “I will write 5 high quality articles of 500 words” and the second is “I will write 4 high quality articles of 400 words”. The issue is that the second one shows but not my first gig. It should be listed under the user’s gigs in the profile.

Both gigs are getting a few hits and fews so I know they show up in search at least, but not on the profile page.

Can anyone give me tips or suggest what I am doing wrong here? I would prefer my first gig show since I am getting a lot of orders for it as it is the most popular.


You haven’t by any chanced paused that Gig have you? To find out whether you have start by going back to the homepage of Fiverr. From there, hover your mouse cursor over your username(Located to the top right) > click Selling > My gigs.

In this menu by default it will show you your active gigs, if your gig isn’t visible there then check the following tabs.

  • Pending Approval
  • Requires Modification
  • Draft
  • Denied
  • Paused

Hope this helps.


Wait a minute, I just read your original post again and am a bit confused at something that may or may not be related.

Why do you have one gig offering 4 articles with 400 words for $5 and another 5 articles of 500 words for $5?

I could maybe understand if the 5 articles were advertised as fair quality and the 4 articles as fantastic quality. This website confuses me more as days go on!


Fiverr doesn’t like duplicate/multiple similar gigs. The second (or worst performing) or the two simply won’t show up once spotted, and the first may suffer an automatic penalization once the second is spotted to prevent gaming the system. This is a guess, so don’t take it for gospel.

Delete the second gig (you say you prefer the first) or change the description and title and put it in a different category like product descriptions instead.


Thanks emmaki. I figured it might have something to do with this but wasn´t sure on the rules. I went ahead and deleted my second gig.


True in most cases.


Well, I think deleting your gig was not the right thing to do. It could have been undergoing some considerations…!