Gigs not visible


i have a total of 6 gigs…

but in my gigs option it shows only 1 active gig…

kindly help me to solve the problem…

ss attached


It is a bug on fiverr.

You can see your active gigs by searching your name in search box.

Just type your user name in search box and hit enter, it will show all your active gigs as a result.

If it shows all of your gigs then no need to worry about.



when I first started on fiverr none of my gigs showed up with any of my keywords and I would scroll down to the bottom of the pages and still I was not visible so I had to get all my sales from responding to the gig request after about 5- 10 sales my gig was on the first page of songwriting so my guess is fiverr expects you to find you’re own customers until they feel you are worthy.


i noticed that before too… it happens when u delete some of the gigs