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Gigs now disappear from search if you have many orders in queue


I noticed that my gig is disappearing and re-appearing from search randomly. I asked support about it, and they confirmed that it’s the amount of orders in queue being too high. It’s only about 11, which has never before been too high, so it’s very weird. I have been on Fiverr since 2012 and have never noticed it before, so it must be a new feature. I noticed it started to happen last month when I edited my gig.

There however is a setting under a gig to limit the amount of orders in queue (Which removes the gig from search if that limit is reached), which has always been turned off. They didn’t comment on that, though, but recommended to use that setting if I wish. The point however is to continue not using it, so I can get more orders. For the time being I’m experimenting with it. Turning the limit on and setting the limit to a big number. :thinking:

How many orders do you have in queue? Is your gig still showing in search? I suspect that I have been giving false information, as there’s gigs with 500 orders showing in search.


Actually, this is not new. I asked CS about this roughly 12 months ago when the new levels system went into effect. I was asked not to discuss the specifics that I was told, but yes, gigs do disappear from search results at certain “orders in queue” amounts, depending upon your seller level. I have seen and confirmed this personally as I have worked at various seller levels. “New Seller” and “Level One” have these queue restrictions in place. “Level Two” sellers appear to have no such queue restrictions.

Please keep in mind, though, no matter what seller level you have, you should not be putting all your sales hopes on gig search results. Fiverr CS has stated this many times (to many people who have asked): You should be marketing and promoting your gigs on your own to bring in more customers. There are no sales or traffic guarantees here on Fiverr, but you can control traffic and sales by working hard to market and promote your services.

This is a separate user-initiated feature, and is not related to the above queue restrictions.

Are these examples from “Level Two” or “TRS” sellers? :wink:


A-ha! That would explain a thing or two, as I was demoted to level 1 when it started to happen. And come to think of it, it happened when I was level 1 once before too. :scream:

Now to figure out what is the amount of orders you can work on at a time at level 1 or 0 before the gig vanishes. Less than 11 at least!


I would imagine Fiverr does this to encourage sellers to work toward higher seller levels, as well as to help the newbie sellers manage their queues and learn how to maintain a successful work flow.


I agree. Not a bad thing at all to encourage quality work. However, applying that to veteran sellers who have been level 2 or TRS for many years should not be needed.


always providing the info most of the sellers are not aware about.