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Gigs now on bottom of search results/not showing up?

I am fairly new here, only been here since April, so only about 7 months. In that time, I have gotten over 120 orders, and 80+ 5-star reviews. I have made a decent amount.

However, my impression pretty much depleted, and my gigs are either plastered to the bottom of the search results or are non-existent, with the exception of 1. I work hard on here and rarely even received a customer complaint. So why would my gigs be practically delisted? I have only 2 cancellations in the past 60 days, and one was a PayPal dispute.

I already contacted customer support, as I cannot make rent if nobody can see my gigs to order them. I have luckily been attempting to find freelance work elsewhere in case such an event like this would happen, but Fiverr is still my primary source of income, so what gives? I can understand being knocked down a line or two due to the cancellation, but not practically delisted!

Does this have to do with me editing my gigs? Does editing my gigs throw them to the bottom of the pile?

I just can’t comprehend this.

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How long has it been since you edited your gigs? You have to give it 2-3 days for things to settle down.

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To be honest, I didn’t even know editing your gig altered anything with the placement, if I did, I wouldn’t have touched it.

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I know it’s not want you will want to hear but I wouldn’t waste time trying to fix this. Nothing will help get your gigs get better placement. I have even noticed how some of my gigs consistently get thrown to the end of search results whenever I make a sale.

You can add videos, you can play with your tags, you can be knighted by the Queen of England and have it all over the press. Where your gigs appear on Fiverr, though, will always be down to pot luck and you will cook your brain by trying to find a way to rank better.

Trust me, I spent months adding gigs, revamping gigs, you name it but it’s simply not worth it. Create a listing somewhere which you can actually drive traffic to and can control the search placement of to some extent. Or just sit and wait for Fiverr to decide to like you again.


Ugggghhhh… Fiverr is obnoxious!

To add to the whole mess: gigs tend to disappear from search for 2-3 days after you edit them, and they often change their place, but it’s not necessarily lower. Sometimes it’s higher, too.

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Well, I believe it’s been about 48 hours and my gigs are on the bottom of the list, some are not showing up at all… :frowning:

Edit: Ok, at least one or two are at the top, but still


Try these ways :slight_smile:

Keyword consistency - Use the same keywords in title, url, keywords and description
Keyword difficulty - How many other people are trying to rank for the same keyword
Number of sales/reviews for a gig/account
Gig rating - Average review from 1 to 5
Account status - New, 1st Level Seller, 2nd Level Seller or Top Seller.
Gig status - Some gigs can be featured by Fiverr team
Account age - When account was created
Recent deliveries - If you have frequent deliveries in last few weeks then you’ll rank higher
Video - If you have video it is a plus

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