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Gigs offering to do your homework?

As a former teacher, and a parent, I find it utterly amazing that Fiverr allows gigs offering to do someone’s homework!

Students are supposed to do their own work. It’s not too different from plagiarism I don’t think. There are so many complaints about ‘teachers not teaching’ and ‘students not learning’… but never a mention that perhaps the students aren’t learning because they’re paying someone else to do their work for them! At the least, I find it highly unethical.

Am I in the minority here? How many fiverrs (other than those of you who actually offer this type gig, of course) feel

that this type of gig is perfectly okay?

As someone who was extremely hardworking throughout school days and university, I agree with you. I’m the type who loves to learn and pursue knowledge. But at the same time, I also empathize with the sellers. They need to make money to pay rent and expenses and sometimes their only selling point is that. When there’s demand, there’ll be supply is what I’m objectively stating.

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I think it’s Capitalism at it’s best, the Wild West, the law of Supply and Demand baby!! :slight_smile:

With that said, if I had a child, I would ground them until they’re 30 if they ever dared to pay someone to do their homework! lol.

Oh, yeah, this is another of my pet peeves. This is worse, IMO, but just as dishonest as buying “5-star” reviews. I once gave some newbie advice to a high schooler who offered a homework gig, and asked him to reconsider. (“Would you really want to go to a doctor for a life-threatening condition, knowing she or he PAID for papers and homework instead of doing the work?”). And he did! He agreed, it wasn’t the right way to go, and took the gig down. I suggested offering tutoring services, since he was obviously such a smart young man.

@typingservice, my friend, I would call this Capitalism at its WORST! ~lol~

@CelticMoon - lol :slight_smile:

Even in real life, my university has another neighbour university not far away, where students there are extremely rich and they usually go there just to party and skip classes,

and we used to jokingly say they just pay for their degree papers and enjoy life.

Even worse, I have a friend who used to work as a lecturer there, and apparently she has to call the the students to attend class and submit assignments X_X, (totally opposite from my university, where we are constantly working nonstop on assignments.)

Even when she wants to fail a student, she had to file a lot of paperwork and call this and that, and the management will ask her “what’s wrong with your teaching”. [when it was the students that never bothered to attend class and I bet were having hangover or something]

That neighbouring university tend to hire students from my university to do their assignments for them. And looks like when there’s demand, there’s supply. Those people are beyond saving. Their work ethics are rock bottom and extremely high maintenance people. =shrug=

Even in the industry it is well known to not hire students from that university. Because their portfolio does not reflect their own capability. They need to undergo tests on the spot during interview

I have had friends ask me to do their homework - and I flat out refuse. I’m sorry but, as a student, you should be doing this on your own. I never knowlingly work on a paper for a student or even friends. I WILL, however, look over thier paper, and make suggestions on how best to improve it. But, never will I write it from scratch. It’s really the only ethical thing. After all, you only learn by doing the research yourself!

Well, another way to look at it - basically the students are delegating out responsibilities and taking credit for the work. By some, it could be considered real-world practice for when they grow up to be managers in large corporations.

YES :smiley: I agree with emeralddawn. That’s what I do whenever classmates ask me to do their work. I first ask them to find resources to learn from, and if they’re still too lazy, I give them a library of tutorials and links to refer to. But most of the time after I did that, they didn’t bother to even look at those and still ask me. I teach them in person basics to be applied in practice. Yet, they still need spoon feeding step by step even if it’s really up to the student to learn by experience of application. @_@" I don’t know what to do with them. I get blamed later of being stingy to help out with their work too! How lovely.

One of the worst stories I heard about cheating involved a US high school class where the teacher had clearly told the students that the paper they were supposed to write was worth 50% of the course grade, the rest being quizzes and test grades. Nearly all the students bought term papers off the internet, and when the teacher found this out, she flunked all the cheaters, and all who were sports players got dropped from teams. The parents got angry, filed complaints with the school and demanded that their kids get passing grades. The parents complained that their kids would lose academic and sports scholarships for college. Incredibly, the school board agreed with the parents, but because the teacher refused to change the grades, she was fired from her job.

So these young men and women, on the cusp of adulthood, and careers, and families and “responsibilities” learned: it’s okay to cheat as long as your mom and dad backed you up, even if you’re told ahead of time what the consequences of cheating will be.


Reply to @celticmoon: Decades ago, it was the teachers telling parents the problems faced with their child, and parents apologize and the child gets scolded or punished at home. unless it was unfair accusation which they will still apologize and then teach life lessons to the child XD

But now, in a lot of cases, parents storm to staff office and demand explanation and back their child unjustly and cause a lot of good genuine teachers to get fired :<

I had some prospective buyers asking me whether I could do their homework or even academic (college) papers for them. I refused for all the reasons mentioned above. Secondly, this is considered academic fraud in my country, and so it is illegal. You would not want to get caught!

I had an editing gig up for a couple of years, and I had several people ask if I would do their homework. I finally had to put “I WILL NOT DO YOUR HOMEWORK!” in big, bold letters on the gig page. And I always explained to the person that the point of doing homework is to learn the material ON YOUR OWN. You can’t learn it if you don’t do it!

Plus I’d rather not become entangled in some kind of legal mess down the road. :wink:

homework :joy::rofl::+1:

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