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Gigs on First page but no order :(

I works on Fiverr more than 6 months. I have a Youtube Thumbnails Gig Starting of May month i got many orders and earn more than 800$ . But suddendly 6 days ago i was’t able to find my gig on the first page. After that i wait for 7 days then yesterday i got my Gig to the first page. But still now not able to get orders from buyer as like before.
So what can i do now? :sneezing_face:


You are not on the first page for me when I search for “youtube thumbnail”.
You can’t expect to be forever on the first page, fiverr rotates gigs around so all sellers get a chance… :grin:


Being on the first page doesn’t guarantee you any orders, also your past performance can not predict your future earnings. Keep that in mind, just cuz you earned $800 in May doesn’t mean you’ll earn $800 in June.

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you contact fiverr customer care

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Thanks for your opinion

Fiverr is rotating , they give chance for new seller. from the recent fiverr update all the new seller getting more order on fiverr. Most of the new seller gigs on first page, and many of level one two seller didnt getting order.

I think this is the true fact

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Yes, this is actually happened on fiverr.

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